Taking Stock

with Nathan Brinkman


Understanding the new Medicare tax on unearned income

The Affordable Care Act includes a new 3.8% Medicare tax on the unearned income of certain high-income individuals. The new tax, known as the unearned income Medicare contribution tax, or the net investment income tax (NIIT), took effect on Jan. 1, 2013.

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Understanding sequestration

If you like political drama, you’re in luck. It seems like just yesterday the news was filled with references to the fiscal cliff. Now, coming to theaters everywhere, is “sequestration.” Look for more political confrontation to unfold as sequestration gets underway.

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Annual market review: 2012

Resilience in the face of adversity seemed to be the theme for 2012. Hurricanes that shuttered Wall Street for two days and cut oil production, the threat of a “Grexit” from the euro, Europe’s record unemployment and second recession in four years, Chinese growth that hit a three-year low, and uncertainty about elections here and abroad – such formidable obstacles slowed the progress of the global economy but didn’t bring it to its knees.

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The post-election agenda

Today’s post-election political landscape looks a lot like the pre-election political landscape: President Obama will be working with a Democrat-controlled Senate and a Republican-controlled House for a minimum of two more years. The issues haven’t really changed, either. What has changed, though, is the amount of time left to deal with these issues. With little time to act, the stakes are high.

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Quarterly market review: July-September 2012

Domestic equities confounded anyone worried about a possible repeat of August 2011 and reached year-to-date highs in mid-September. The Dow hit a level not seen since December 2007, while the S&P 500's quarterly gain left it up more than 14% for all of 2012. The Nasdaq has done even better, gaining more than 6% in Q3, and almost 20% so far this year.

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