Taking Stock

with Nathan Brinkman

September 2014


What should I do if my credit card information was part of a data breach?

Now more than ever, consumers are relying on the convenience of credit and debit cards to make everyday purchases, such as gas and groceries, and to make online purchases. With this convenience, however, comes the risk of having your account information compromised by a data breach.

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10 basic tax to-dos for the rest of 2014

Effective planning requires that you have a good understanding of your current tax situation, as well as a reasonable estimate of how your circumstances might change next year. There’s a real opportunity for tax savings when you can assess whether you’ll be paying taxes at a lower rate in one year than in the other. So carve out some time.

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How do federal marriage-equality rulings affect retirement plans?

Spouses of employer-sponsored retirement plan participants have certain rights when it comes to the plans. Because of this, the legal definition of “spouse” is very important to both plan sponsors and plan participants in understanding how a retirement plan works.

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