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with Corey Chambas

January 2014


Management by fear and intimidation … it works

I just finished reading Inferno by Dan Brown, and in the book there’s a line that goes something like this: “Only one form of contagion travels faster than a virus — and that’s fear.” It got stuck it in my head and caused me to think about how fear plays out in business. This definitely relates to the psychology of the individual investor and the stock market, which is alternatively driven by either greed or fear. (“I’m missing out and I’ve got to get in” when it has gone up or “I’ve got to get out” when it has gone down.) But it also made me think about fear and intimidation as a management strategy. Does it work?

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Corey Chambas has over 30 years of business experience. He is the President and CEO of First Business Financial Services, Inc., is chairman of the board of M3 Insurance Solutions, an advisory board member of Aldine Capital Fund, and a member of the board of the United Way of Dane County and the 2018 Campaign Chair.

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