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As rural population falls, what can retain people or lure them back?

In Wisconsin and across America, the decades-long march of people from rural settings to urban centers continues. The shift comes with justified worries about rural economies, health care delivery, basic infrastructure, schools, and culture.

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Exact Sciences plan to acquire California cancer-fighting firm elevates state’s image

In the not-so-distant past, the preferred exit ramp for young health-tech companies in Wisconsin was to be purchased by a bigger firm in California or elsewhere.

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Seeing it is believing it: Wisconsin tech growth is tangible

Some people in Wisconsin assume the rest of the country knows all it needs to know about us. That’s a faulty assumption, especially in an era when competing for talent knows no borders.

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People win when collaboration leverages Wisconsin research assets

Today, UW–Madison professor Skala and Medical College of Wisconsin professor Carroll are co-investigators on a project with the promise of helping millions of people who are blind or otherwise visually impaired.

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State economy should grow through 2020, but wild cards in deck

The U.S. economy set a record July 1 for the most consecutive months without a recession — 121, to be precise — a streak that began in mid-2009 as the financial crisis underlying the Great Recession hit bottom.

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