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Jan 23, 201407:05 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Under Gov. Walker, cows giving more milk but Democrats still sour

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Scott Walker in his State of the State address Wednesday night proved that Democrats will cheer for walleye but not tax cuts.

Walker cheekily drew attention to that exception to the opposition’s sour mood. I’m not sure the Democrats could bring themselves out of their funk when the governor announced that Wisconsin’s cows are giving more milk.

The wind is at Scott Walker’s back. A $1.04 billion surplus — $912 million more than anticipated — can do that for you. That’s the surest sign Wisconsin and its people are working. Pity the poor Democrats; their problem is convincing Wisconsin that the milk glass is half-empty and sour, to boot. But pessimism never sells. Just ask Mike Dukakis.

Tommy Thompson and Ronald Reagan were optimists, and so is Scott Walker, who merrily gigged the Assembly’s minority leader. I listened to Peter Barca give the Democrats’ response. It boils down to “more money for teachers.” I’m waiting for Barca to call to his podium the Middleton teachers union boss.

Having given Scott Walker a $3.6 billion deficit, Barca is now worried about the structural deficit and bashing ALEC. Yawn.

Walker’s quote of the evening: “People don’t tell me taxes are too low. Or that taxes are just right.” Was that a shot at Mary Burke, who this week argued that Wisconsin is not a high-tax state after all?

Making a buzz in conservative circles was State Rep. Christine Sinicki’s tweet during the speech: “OMG ... this speech is so full of [expletive]; I wish I could get up and walk out.” We wish you had.

The Democrat also tweeted: “Bottom line: the rich get richer and the poor and the middle class continue to get kicked in the butt.” Time for some fresh talking points, lady. What do you call those people standing behind the governor on the podium last night? That’s right, they were working men and women about to get a little less poor.

The lowest marginal tax rate will be reduced to 4% from 4.4%. Add a $101 reduction on the next property tax bill for the typical homeowner. Factor in two straight years of a UW system tuition freeze. That’s pretty family-friendly stuff after years of 5.5% annual increases.

Not sure that this got the kind of play it should, but Scott Walker has pretty much enacted his income tax cuts already. Walker directed Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler to reduce the payroll withholding tables. He can do that without legislative approval. That will put an average $520 a year back into workers’ pockets rather than making them wait for the April 2015 refund. Only $58 of that is new money — the rest reflects withholding tables that have long been too high. So refunds in 2015 will be smaller, but most folks understand that it is better to have the money now than later.

Now, if Scott Walker had wanted national news media attention, he would have closed a bridge like Chris Christie’s staff did in New Jersey. Instead, he reopened a bridge, the Leo Frigo Bridge in Green Bay, ahead of schedule and under budget.


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Jan 23, 2014 07:33 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Another B/S blog from blaska.

People in Wisconsin are not smart enough to control their on destinies.

Also is overage a real thing????

My property taxes in Wisconsin have gone up the last three years with walker in office.

Now he wants to give me back about a 1/4 of it in the year 2015.

Do you trust him ?????

Hopefully he is not around by then.

He sure didn't say much about his job record last night did he ???

Jan 23, 2014 07:44 am
 Posted by  coolkevs

Nothing like a little more money in the pocket!
You briefly mentioned the Middleton teacher. Is the reason why they can't get rid of him is because Middleton passed contracts like Madison? I thought Act 10 made it easier to fire teachers and reduce the power of these arbitrators.

Jan 23, 2014 08:08 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Maybe Democrats are in such a sour mood because all they have to counter Scott Walker is ferret faced Mary Burke? Nobody is excited about Mary Burke's candidacy, least of all Mary Burke.

Scott Walker doesn't need to say much about his job record because he didn't send jobs to China (like Burke) or kill millions of jobs like Obama. Pick a Democrat, any Democrat. Scott Walker is a job creation machine by comparison and the public knows that.

Oh, yeah. And the last time I checked, Act 10 was still in force. So, take that, Left Wing drones.

Jan 23, 2014 08:19 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Let's put walkers job record in the correct context.

Net, Net, like any American business does it.

Net gains, against net losses.

You never hear about the businesses that are lost, do you ????

As for liberals against conservatives,

how about right against wrong ???


Jan 23, 2014 08:45 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Since when do Democrats want jobs? I assumed they all wanted to live in their parent's basements, playing Candy Crush, binge on junk food and sponge off their parent's health insurance until they turn 26, like it says they can in Obamacare.

It's the new American dream for all the hipster doofus deadbeats in Madison.

Jan 23, 2014 08:49 am
 Posted by  coolkevs

property taxes going up probably means you live in Madison like I do.
madison has fought tooth and nail to prevent act 10 to go into effect
still not sure if the supreme court decision says act 10 OK will result in any more property tax relief here because they extended their contracts. we also have to pay for the "little houses" and other pet projects, ya know

Jan 23, 2014 08:53 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Boy are you funny, ha,ha

Actually it's probably what you do.

Since you know so much about it.

Jan 23, 2014 08:56 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Just an FYI cool Kev,

Whitewater, completely different county.

Actually real red area.

Jan 23, 2014 09:05 am
 Posted by  patricko

Have you ever noticed that whenever liberals get really upset with conservatives, they suddenly can't spell, punctuate or use proper grammar? One can almost see them sputtering at the keyboard.

Jan 23, 2014 09:48 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

I'm really tired of the Democrat "vanishing middle class" line. What this always translates to is - "I'm a slave to the unions." They go on and on about the "middle class" but can never tell us what qualifies someone as "middle class". Apparently, it means you are a member of a public union. . .

The "poor" of today are living better than the "middle class" of 50 years ago.

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