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Making Madison

with Buckley Brinkman

Making sense of a life turned upside down by COVID-19

I don’t know about you but life during the pandemic seems very backward to me.

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Mosaic Marketplace

with Deborah Biddle — A blog for diverse business enterprises in and around Madison.

Corporate responses to racism during troubling times

​I am occasionally asked by organizational leaders, “What should I do?” in response to societal issues involving bias and racism. Questions like, “What should I say?” or “How can I help?” come from compassionate well-meaning leaders and colleagues who sincerely want to know what to do.


Financial Perspectives

with Michael Dubis, CFP

You're probably underestimating your vacation budget

In my practice, we focus a lot on detailed cash flow, but there are always a number of cash flow items I find clients severely underestimate.


Inside Wisconsin

with Tom Still

Thompson’s history of backing research good fit for UW System

He may be in the seat for only a year or so, but former Gov. Tommy Thompson brings a solid record of supporting academic research to the job of interim president of the University of Wisconsin System.


Mind Your Business

with Corey Chambas

The power of being aware

In my experience, making people “aware” of their performance and using management by exception creates better results and less work for a manager, as people will usually self-manage. It’s also kinder to provide absolute clarity about what good looks like.


Leader to Leader

with Terry Siebert

Reflections, early morning, June 1, 2020

The founder of my organization, Dale Carnegie, said that we are creatures of emotion, not logic. Unfortunately, his statement rang all too true this past weekend.


Taking Stock

with Nathan Brinkman

Importance of business valuation, as exemplified by ‘Shark Tank’

Have you ever heard of Shark Tank? I’m not talking about diving deep into the ocean to watch sharks lurk about from behind bars. The ABC television show broadcasts businessmen and women looking to gain investments in their homegrown products and services.



with Spencer X Smith

‘I have to’ v. ‘I get to’: A small change in vocabulary that can change your attitude

Here’s a phrase I’m striving to eliminate from my vocabulary — “I have to …”


The Bottom Line

with contributors from Associated Bank

Why the final changes to wage and hour law may have you crying 'uncle'

After much anticipation and speculation, the final regulations changing the salary basis test for determining exemption status have arrived. Among other changes, the final regulations have more than doubled the amount that employees must minimally be paid in order to be considered exempt. This is no small matter, as it is anticipated that millions of currently exempt employees will be affected.


Open Mic

Send us your blog for consideration!

Leading remotely: 5 ways to overcome the loneliness of leadership

​Being a leader is lonely work, none more so than now. As an executive coach, I hear it from leaders often. They say, “I was doing a good job as an individual contributor, but now I’m not sure what I should be doing after my promotion. I feel really alone.”


The Gray Area

with Donna Gray

The sky is falling, Chicken Little

​The governor of our great state of Wisconsin has mapped out a “bounce back” plan for moving out of safer-at-home and getting things on the road back to normal. Business folks know that the ability to bounce back from adversity is important. Coping with this stress in a positive way is known as resilience.

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Transportation Matters

with Debby Jackson

Together, we will get through this

I’m happy today to focus on a positive, particularly how the construction industry, including transportation, is pitching in right now to help frontline health care workers in Wisconsin.


Legal Login

with Mindi Giftos

Bipartisan group of senators proposes privacy bill for COVID-19 contact-tracing apps

On June 1, a bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill to regulate the use of contact-tracing and exposure notification apps. The bill, entitled the Exposure Notification Privacy Act, is the latest in a series of bills that seek to regulate these new apps.


Van Lines

with Joe Vanden Plas

Lordy, lordy, Epic is 40!

The presentation evoked memories of disco. The CEO, who goes back a bit further than the company she founded in 1979, evoked memories of Woodstock. But the fundamental message from Epic’s annual Users Group Meeting was that innovation is both timeless and relentless.


Exit Stage Right

with Martha Sullivan

How courageous are you?

This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately. Sometimes it’s in relation to my health and my family members’ health. Other times it’s in relation to participating in conversations around the current social and political events. Of course, it’s always in the back of my mind about growing my business.


Live Well, Work Well

with Debra Lafler

Connection is just as important as eating your veggies

Our society has not only separated our body from our mind when it comes to health, but it also has separated us from each other. We falsely assume that we are like computers or machines that operate independently, and this assumption has impacted our health dramatically. So, how do we heal and foster health?


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