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Law at Work

with Jessica M. Kramer


12 tips for maintaining — and allowing access to — personnel files

If you have employees, you may have heard that you should keep employee files, also called personnel files. You may also know that there is a state law requiring employers to allow employees to view their own files. But what exactly should you keep in them?

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Independent contractor status: If it walks like a duck …

Many businesses use independent contractors. You might use them. If both the business and the individual agree, and even put their agreement in writing, then the individual is an independent contractor, there’s nothing to worry about, right? Wrong.

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Independent contractors: What we can learn from the Jammal v. Am Fam decision

In the Jammal case, the court found that, under ERISA, the agents were employees, and had been misclassified as independent contractors.

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Can I hold my departed employee’s paycheck if I believe she owes the company money?

We employers have all been there: an employee quits without notice and still possesses uniforms or equipment that belong to the company. Or worse, the employee is disgruntled and damages property of the company on her way out.

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Can my child work at my business?

As recently reported in the news, The Mixing Bowl Bakery in Sauk City is under fire for accusations of violations of child labor laws.

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