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Nov 20, 201201:22 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Jail time for cutie in the Scott Walker non-case

Jail time for cutie in the Scott Walker non-case

Having lost their cases in the court of public opinion and at the ballot box, bitter enders who animate Wisconsin’s Democratic party these days have replaced their Recall Walker signs with Indict Walker prayers.

They are overjoyed that a decidedly low-level player in Scott Walker’s former Milwaukee county executive office named Kelly Rindfleisch has been given six months in the hoosegow. Kelly Who? That the lady could not avert jail is cited as evidence that she has not given up the big names – fallen on her sword – or could it be that, like another underling, she simply did not have any names to give?

Anyone remember the Georgia Thompson case, which supposedly would lead straight to Jim Doyle’s doorstep but did not? (After being committed to a federal prison, Georgia was exonerated in a case that an appalled appeals court called “beyond thin.”)

Unlike that case, there is some gruel in the current Milwaukee case that the Democratic district attorney is so relentlessly pursuing to such meager result, but not much. The term “molehill” suggests itself.

Absent any actual evidence of Scott Walker’s involvement, the assistant DA is reduced to adducing such in a lengthy PowerPoint show-and-tell at Rindfleisch’s sentencing hearing.

“This is the DA’s way to dump on witnesses who gave so-called ‘secret’ testimony that he can’t indict because they broke no laws,” advises Charlie Sykes. “He is using their secret testimony to make a case that does not exist and revealing it in such a way that they cannot defend themselves in open court and that he does not have to prove in open court.”


The same can be said of the Dane County ADA who infamously acknowledged that she did not have evidence to bring charges against Madison Alderman Brian Solomon but announced that he was guilty of rape, nonetheless. In her personal opinion, that is. This is called not having your cake but eating it anyway.

Blaska’s Bring It! has no truck with campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime, although beats me what Barack Obama has been doing most of the year. If we are going to throw political practitioners in the jailhouse, could we do the same for the gang-bangers who, in Madison at least, get sent home with ankle bracelets?

If politicking on the job warrants jail time, then please let’s incarcerate Shelly Moore, a radicalized teachers union boss in northwest Wisconsin who used her school district’s (and thus, the taxpayers’) email services to organize last year’s recall of her rival, Sen. Sheila Harsdorf. (The particulars here.) 

The junk food defense?

Further proof that labor unions are a form of collectivized stupidity is the assertion by the bakers union that someone will buy the rights to manufacture Twinkies, Ho Hos, and Snowballs from the Hostess Company they helped put out of business and then rehire the union.

Big Ten Twerps

Count me as less than thrilled by the addition of Maryland (the Terps?) and Rutgers to the Big Ten. Still, it’s got to be better than playing Wofford, whatever that is. Something tells me this might not be over.

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